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    Welcome to Starclan


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    Welcome to Starclan Empty Welcome to Starclan

    Post by Solarflare on Sun May 26, 2013 6:11 pm

    Welcome to Starclan

    You had gone to sleep a few moments ago and you have awoken. You find yourself in a bright, sunny, twinkling forest. You clutch each glance that you can find as you gaze at the forest. The bushes in front of you rustle and you spin your head back to the commotion. A flame colored tom pads out into your sight. He flashes you a large smile and you stare into his starry blue eyes.
    "Welcome to Starclan, traveler. I am Solarflare, leader of Starclan. Yes, yes, I am still alive but I make sure Starclan doesn't get overruled by the Dark Forest," the so-called- Solarflare meows. You dip your head respectfully and Solarflare bobbed his head in return.
    "Let me tell you about Starclan, visitor," Solarflare beckons you forward to his side. You pad to his side then you find yourself padding alongside the tom, step by step.
    "Starclan is a special clan. We watch over the forest and keep it safe. We are like there gods. Whenever a clan cat dies, three of their ancestors will be able to travel down to them. When we bring them back up, we will have all the Starclan cats gather to welcome that fellow warrior to our ranks," Solarflare pushed aside a branch hovering in front of you.
    "What is a ancestor?" You ask, and after that you feel embarrassed.
    "Don't be scared to ask those questions. That is actually a good question. And ancestor is a cat that lived among a clan. If they die, either in battle or of sickness, they will make the journey to us. During their journey they become an ancestor. A better description or definition is a cat whom was a descendent, or, a warrior, healer, apprentice, etc. who lived among the living," Solarflare flicked his tail to a cat," Come over here." You follow the tom to a group of cats clustered in a circle. They parted to let Solarflare and you through.
    "Look down and you will see Earthclan, a clan of loyalty and strength. These cats were ancestors of them and they will keep watch over there clan and help them," Solarflare looked at the starry cats.
    "Solarflare, tell the traveler what happens when one is forgotten," a shimmering ginger she-cat murmured. Solarflare nodded and turned his gaze to you.
    "When one is forgotten they will fade away. The process doesn't hurt. When it happens to one of us, we hold a ceremony for them and lay them near there clan where that cat may peacefully fade away next to his or her clan-mates and family. Once whomever fades, they cannot be brought back to life, and this happens to every Starclan member soon enough. But, happily, they start a new life as a new cat in any clan." You sit down under a shady tree and listen intently to Solarflare, interested with all the history and traditions Starclan does.
    "Traveler, it is becoming day time now. We shall let you return to the waking world. May Starclan light your path," Solarflare murmured and touched his nose to your forehead. The tom began to fade and you blinked your eyes open, soon enough, and noticed you were back in the waking world.

    If you have any questions on Starclan, please ask me them and I will add them to this post. Thank you Smile

    May Starclan light your path, fellow friends

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    Welcome to Starclan Empty Re: Welcome to Starclan

    Post by Skyleaf on Mon Jul 15, 2013 9:01 pm

    That's really good!!




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