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    Starclan vs. The Dark Forest


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    Starclan vs. The Dark Forest

    Post by Solarflare on Thu Jun 13, 2013 3:55 pm

    Join a side, battle against each other. Who will win this? Will Starclan be overruled and the Dark Forest will rule? Or will the Dark Forest be overruled and be thrown? Or will it be equal? Who knows till' the end of the battle.

    Please do not only be in Starclan. I would like a few members to be in the Dark Forest side too.

    No Gosh-modding
    No killing someone's character, they can dodge if they want.
    No disturbing scenes
    Please have fun!

    I am leader of Starclan.

    A orange and black tom crept through a starry forest.
    "Solarflare!" And apprentice screamed. Solarflare whipped around and a silver apprentice was dashing toward him.
    "What is it, Pebblepaw?" Solarflare asked.
    "The Dark Forest is planning to attack us!" She huffed. Solarflare growled and bounded towards the ledge. Pebblepaw kept a good pace with him. He took a mighty heave and was on top of the ledge.
    "Starclan members! Please join me beneath the Ledge for a meeting! Quickly!" Solarflare roared, his roar boomed through the sparkling forest.




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    Re: Starclan vs. The Dark Forest

    Post by Skyleaf on Mon Jul 15, 2013 9:03 pm

    Can you have a cat in both?




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