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    Tons of Story starts, Which one?

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    Tons of Story starts, Which one? Empty Tons of Story starts, Which one?

    Post by Mistystar on Tue Jul 16, 2013 12:40 pm

    I am going to post a whole bunch of story starts, can you vote on which one to continue?

    1. Dreamscaper
    The darkness was darker than any night should be, and the stars shone as brightly as a dim light covered with a thick black blanket.

    In over words, there was no light at all.

    Not light, but shining darkness, illuminating my skin. I only wondered for a second what I was doing here. I didn’t have time to wonder any longer.

    I felt a strong pressure on my back, and solid power and skill reacted from my body, but solid pressure and resistance matched my movements.

    The darkness was crushing me. I took a deep breath and focused on the message that was running through my head.

    I am dreaming.

    I am dreaming.

    I am dreaming. Desperation surges through my veins. I’m suffocating!!

    I am dreaming.

    The fourth time was the charm. I woke up in my bed, panting and sweating. My eyes were open but hadn’t quite connected with my brain. When they finally did, my mom was standing above me, her eyes alight with concern.

    “Mom, I had this dream. I was-” I began to explain, still gasping for breath.

    “I know.” She said calmly, and for the first time I saw fear dawn in her eyes. “It’s high time I told you the truth.” I could feel my eyes widen, but I didn’t speak. She lead me to the front door and lead me out, both of us barefoot and in PJ’s.

    “Uhhh, Mom?” I ask her, wondering if she was going mad. She didn’t reply, just continued walking towards the old red grainery.

    “Stay here.” She said in a cool voice that I didn’t recognize as hers. She disappeared for a moment before returning with an old lady. My brain, still groggy from sleep, took a little while to process that.

    “There is an old woman in our grainery.” I muttered. “Inconceivable.” I quote my favorite movie.

    My mom looks at me hard. “This is Angella, the Dreamscaper of darkness. Tell her your dream,”

    By that point, I was sure she was crazy. “Can someone please explain?! I have a really weird dream, my mom drags me out in the middle of the night and introduces me to some old lady that was is the grainery and asks me to tell her my dream. What’s going on?” I practically yell.

    “I know this seems a little strange to you, most new Dreamers do get a bit confused. Just tell me your dream.” The old lady, Angella, says smoothly.

    “Uh, well, I had a dream....” I began hesitantly.

    “No duh.” Angella shot back without humor. I glare at her and continue, my voice clear.

    “I was in the dark, and if started to crush me.” I told her plainly. She narrowed her eyes and pulled out a checklist.

    “How dark was it? Could you see anything?” Angella asked intently.
    “It was pitch black, but my body was illuminated.” Her eyes became tiny slits at that.


    I swore I would never come back here, but that seems untrue now, unreal. Like that all was a dream and I just woke up. The large clearing seems unwelcoming and dark. Fear starts to control me, and it takes all my strength to not scream. Luckily, I’m distracted. Unluckily, it makes my terror worse.

    It’s a crack. Quiet but clear, it seems to ring in my ears. I grab my bow and load it, preparing for attack, but knowing that if it’s what I think it is, I can’t win. I act unaware. There’s a rustling of the bushes, and I turn around to take quick aim and let my arrow fly.

    The first part of that plan goes fine, until the aim and fire part. I would have without hesitation, if there was something there.

    I can hear the battle still, echoing around me, but it’s invisible and untouchable. I hear cracks, screams and yelps, along with desperate cries for help. It’s a girl speaking, I find, but am amazed to find it’s me. I’m the one screaming for help.

    I know what’s going to happen now. I know everything that happened. I know because I replayed this day in my head, millions of times over, wondering if there was really anything I could have done.

    This place changed my life when it was just fine the way it was.

    The screams continue in agony and vain for seemingly eternity. I join her, screaming for help until I’m hoarse and crying. The past year comes rushing back like a icy black wave.
    This is where my dad died.


    “Where do you not feel safe?” The teacher giving the safety survey called.

    Everywhere. My mind says, but i can’t bring my hand to the paper. It’s not safe. The walls of the school seem to close in on me with each word, threatening to crush me. One thought surfaced in my brain.

    My family is in danger.


    "Stay strong, Hal."

    Some of my grandpa’s last words echoed in my head.

    "Stay strong."

    I try and stop the memories, but they engulf me just the same.

    "You shouldn't be alive."

    "The scientists couldn't figure out what your mom was!"

    "They think she-No, it- was a cross between an alien and a fish!"

    The taunting echoed in my ears, along with the ambulance sirens.

    "John Hartfield is in the hospital with life threatening injuries." The newscasters voice echoes.

    "Hallie, what do you have to say for yourself?" The deputy was fuming as she shut the T.V. Off. I stay silent. I might've said something if it wouldn't hurt my family.

    "Ok, then. Get in the car." She spat.


    "Honestly? You broke both of one kids legs, cracked ones skull and flattened the other like a truck. I think you deserve to get in the car." She said the last part like she was talking to a particularly troublesome kindergartener.

    "They deserved it."

    "Get in the car!" She yells and makes a move towards me.

    "I hardly touched them, honestly!"

    "When you turn 16, you have to choose," He said as a whisper. "Between a seeker or a hunter."

    His old face looks gaunt.

    "Your mom chose the hunt. She hid when she was 16 and didn't choose till she was 25. She paid the price, though."

    "What happened?" I whisper back, close to tears, but he's gone.

    "Put her in the cell with Caleb." A new voice calls.

    "Yes, sir." Comes the reply.

    "So what did you do?" The blonde haired guy with bright blue eyes asks casually.

    "Oh, you know, broke a couple bones, flattened like a truck. You?" I tell him, matching his causal tone.

    "Pretty much the same." He gives me a toothy grin. I don't grin back.

    "I hardly touched them."

    "Me either." He gives a shrug.

    "When science and fear meet-" he begins.

    "The storm breaks." I finish the words I have known my whole life. The only thing I had left from my mother. She would whisper those words in my ear every night, and something told me they were important. I had recited them to grandpa and he had smiled. ‘Those are the trust words. You say ‘When science and fear meet-’ and the other says ‘The storm breaks.’ Then you know they are one of us and you can trust them.’

    I look up to see him staring at me like I was wearing elephant ears.

    “You to?” his voice was scared, like he was a mouse facing a cat. I nod.

    Comment which one(s) that you think I should continue, please, it is greatly appreciated!!


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    Tons of Story starts, Which one? Empty Re: Tons of Story starts, Which one?

    Post by Skyleaf on Tue Jul 16, 2013 7:04 pm

    1 and 2 are my favorites.




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    Tons of Story starts, Which one? Empty Re: Tons of Story starts, Which one?

    Post by Mistystar on Tue Jul 16, 2013 9:40 pm

    Thanks, this is number 5:
    "Of course. I wouldn't expect you to see past your own extremely large nose." I agree with a smirk. His eyes narrow at my comeback.
    "You have no idea what your getting yourself into." He replys darkly.
    "I think I know as much as you about this." I shoot back defiantly. "You have no idea how much I know."
    It's his turn to smirk.
    "No, you have no idea how much I know, Annabelle Ray Oakland."
    I was shocked.
    How did he know my name?
    I hadn't told anyone my first name in years, let alone my last and middle!!
    "I think you have the wrong person."
    My excuse seems lame on my tongue.
    "Hmm, I don't think so. Daughter of Grace and Liam Oakland," he spews out his next fact. It's correct. "Twin of Ivy Ann Oakland."
    I freeze.
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    Tons of Story starts, Which one? Empty Re: Tons of Story starts, Which one?

    Post by Maplewind on Tue Jul 16, 2013 9:46 pm

    I like 1 3 5 alot!

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    Tons of Story starts, Which one? Empty Re: Tons of Story starts, Which one?

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