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      Post by Mistystar on Thu Jul 18, 2013 1:44 pm

      By: Solarflare

      (I am trying to get a new Story category, and this is what I had to do, so yeah, this is SOLARFLARES)

      It was dark. No stars shown, only the faint gleam of silver. The pine forest smelled musty and damp. A large figure rustled the bushes and a cat, large and muscular, stepped forward.
      "Savagestar," a tom growled. The tom that had come from the bushes sat down. His tail curled around his paws.
      "Yes, Dyingsoul?" The tom rumbled. His voice deep and frightening.
      "Shadowclan almost found us," a she-cat interrupted Dyingsoul. Her voice was rather fierce and sharp. Savagestar stepped into the moon light. His fur was sleek black only a white muzzle was there. His eyes were gleaming. Savagestar's deadly gaze locked onto the she-cats amber gaze. Savagestar let her drown in his bloody red eyes.
      "Heatherscar, why didn't you attack them then?" Savagestar growled. Heatherscar flinched.
      "No excuses," Savagestar snarled," If a cat that roams near isn't attacked, that cat will be killed," Savagestar grinned. Heatherscar gasped and started to scramble through the crowd. The gathered cats parted to let Savagestar through. He padded calmly forward and glared at Heatherscar. He raised a paw and let it fly onto her. The she-cat fell and went limp and cold. The cats fell silent and the only noise was the rustling of birds and the crickets chirping.
      "Go now," Savagestar growled. The cats turned to each others and clambered away. Savagestar glared after his mate, Deathheart. Her ragged golden pelt was dull.
      "You don't need to be so strict," she meowed calmly, her voice had a hint of anger. Savagestar stared at her.
      "They need to attack any cats that come close though," he defended himself.
      "Well, maybe they were on patrol catching food and saw the Shadowclan cats," Deathheart growled. Her meaning had a point.

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