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    Maplewinds Destiny

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    Maplewinds Destiny

    Post by Mistystar on Thu Jul 18, 2013 1:48 pm

    By: Maplewind

    stoneclan (I couldn't think of any ideas for a clan name. )
    fierce, creative, athletic, excellent stalking and fighting

    Leader: Owlstar ( Tom, ageing, expierienced)
    deputy: Ashclaw ( Tom,excellent fighter, loyal)

    medicine cat: tallowpelt ( Tom, Compassionate, Prefers to stay in camp)

    Kits: Sunkit, redkit, shellkit

    Elders: frogleap (she- cat, crabby, never had a mate)
    Tabbyleap (Tom, Gentle)

    Maplewind (She-cat, athletic, hopes to become deputy, no interest in Toms, sister is Petalgrass)
    Petalgrass (She-cat, opposite of Maplewind, falling for Bearleap, prefers to stay in camp)
    Orangestripe (Tom, same litter as Maplewind and Petalgrass, challenges Maplewind often)
    Bearleap (tom, Large size, ambitious, show off)
    beavertooth (tom, unusually large teeth, odd duck out, fair fighter, excellent hunter)
    Sparrowgrass ( older she-cat, excellent fighter and hunter, mentored Maplewind, Fierce, respected)
    Foxwood (medium aged tom, expierienced, Mentored Beavertooth and Bearleap)
    Sickleclaw ( Older Tom, Excellent tracker, not patient, snores loudly)

    Apprentices: archpaw (tom, troublemaker) willowpaw (she-cat, calm)

    Maplewind stretched and opened her eyes, despite the vigil, she felt pretty good. A slight fog hung over the morning camp. “Wake up orangestripe and petalgrass!” Maplewind prodded her littermates, Petalgrass stirred lighlty. Orangestripe just twitched a fly off his ear. For moons, Maplewind had been waiting for this this day, the first day of being a Warrior. “Get up!” Maplewind taunted “Come on! It's all part of being a warrior! Waking when the sun peeks through the trees for the first time, feeling the morning dew on your paws as you hunt, checking the boarders and doing your part for the clan and....”
    Maplewind sighed heavily. Petalgrass and orangestripe weren't even listening. Her first day of official duty to her clan and this was how they treated it? By falling back asleep?
    “owlstar! I... I didn't see you there! You were so silent!” Maplewind pivoted around, only to come nose to nose with Owlstar.
    “Well, every warrior needs to stalk well! ” Owlstar meowed playfully
    “Er... Yeah... I know. ” Maplewind stared at her paws.
    “Come on, lets go out to the forest, Petalgrass and orangestripe needs some rest after last night, and you are obviously dying to get into the forest and hunt.”

    sunlight streamed into the musky forest.

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    Re: Maplewinds Destiny

    Post by Skyleaf on Wed Aug 21, 2013 12:34 pm





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