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    Post by Mistystar on Thu Jul 18, 2013 1:51 pm


    The snow blasted down from the darkened sky. the wind gave a deafening roar and the trees shook wildly. The moon tried to barge it's way out, but the clouds made a defense and blocked it. A black figure stood in the middle of the storm. Her eyes glazed with grief. She was a gray she-cat, with a large wound from her shoulder to the base of her tail. It was raw and new. Another figure appeared and multiplied the grieving wail. A body lay in front, motionless.
    "Hollowstar," the she-cat murmured. The tom turned to her, his amber eyes gleamed with sorrow.
    "Yes, Meadow?" The tom stared at her.
    "Why has Starclan let this happen?" She whispered, her tail flicked.
    "Driftfang died with pride and he fought like a warrior," Hollowstar sniffed. Meadow looked at her paws. Regret shimmered in her green forest eyes.
    "Hollowstar!" A voice yowled.
    "Meadow, I have to go," Hollowstar turned. He glanced over his large shoulder at the ginger she-cat.
    "Do what you have to, dear," she murmured. Hollowstar flicked his tail sadly and bounded away. His large paws kicking up piles of snow and sending it into a dusty spray. Meadow watched the tom go. A tear fell from her eye.
    "Stay safe," she murmured and curled up beside the dead tom.
    "Come back safe."
    Chapter 1

    Hollowstar sat on the highrock.
    "Hollowstar, did something happen to Meadow?" Sunglaze asked. Sunglaze was his medicine cat. Hollowstar shook his head.
    "Is Driftfang out hunting?" Skyfur yowled. Skyfur was Driftfang's mate, Skyfur was having his kits soon.
    "Come please," Hollowstar flicked his tail. Skyfur trotted up the tumble rocks with great grace and agility.
    "Yes?" Skyfur asked. Hollowstar shuffled his black paws.
    "Driftfang.... died," Hollowstar barely whispered. It sounded like a faint breath.
    "What?" Skyfur pricked her ears," I couldn't hear."
    "Driftfang died," Hollowstar said just a tiny bit louder. Skyfur gasped and wailed silently. Hollowstar looked at his paws. Skyfur was already sliding down the tumblerocks.
    "How did Driftfang die?" Sunglaze asked.

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