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    Eye of The Hurricane Empty Eye of The Hurricane

    Post by Mistystar on Wed Oct 09, 2013 1:19 pm

    “James, are you ready?” It was an innocent question, with an innocent meaning- to everyone but him. It was time.

    It was time for all his training to pay off. The years and years of training and being talked about like an object by his parents seemed small. He’d prove it to them today that he was strong enough to defeat a legend.

    His enemy? A girl named Raina Storm.

    Raina Storm was not your average girl. Her eyes were grey, her hair was grey, her skin was white and a storm raged indefinitely over her head. She was an experiment gone wrong, the one thing that remained on the list to destroy. No one was brave enough to face her. Legend told of her, and how her contempt had done anything but shrink over the years.

    James knew that was true, all you had to do was look into the forest less than a mile from his house and you would see the great storm that had risen there, and it was getting stronger every day. He started down the steps of his house.


    Raina woke with a start, her nightly dream’s last words rang in her head like the always did.

    Just one promise.

    She understood just fine, which most would consider an advantage, but she considered it a curse. Someone had to promise to fight along side her, and she would become normal. Average. Well, as average as she could be with the government trying to kill her.

    She had given up hope long ago that this would ever happen. She remembered that day clearly. She had been just six years old, her size normal but her knowledge was higher than it should be. There was one family, the Burr’s, were to competitve. They saw her as a monster. She had to be to be smarter than their child, who was really nothing special. They reported her to the government, who took immediate action, calling her family and telling them to surrrender her to the lab that created her. Once she knew the truth, the rain came down, and light rain shower started over her head. With every drop that hit her black hair, it turned a silver grey. Raina couldn’t think of anything worse that could have happened to her.

    She ran away, losing track of her family. To this day she doesn’t know if they are alive.

    James stood in the doorway, his heart pounding. His father opened the door, and he hesitated. A hand pushed him out the door, and it shut behind him, he heard a click and knew instantly it was locked. He should be used to this, but even after 12 years of training and neglect, he still felt like crying.

    “Ok, thanks. I probably won’t come back alive!” He spitefully called inside. His fathers voice replayed in his mind.

    “You have three hours. If you have not returned by then, we are assuming you are dead and I will go finish her off. Good bye!”

    He stared straight ahead, not knowing if he was crying or if it was just the rain getting in his eyes. Running towards the woods, he used his anger to drive him.

    Soon, dark tree’s stood in front of him, somehow still growing despite their lack of sunshine and constant rain. An idea slowly started to form in his brain. It was an idea of trickery. An open approach. He would convince her to trust him, then bang, it would be over.

    James marched into the forest, his steps cracking twigs and leaves. Rain pounded against his face, his eyes were almost closed trying to keep the rain off him. He followed the darkness, knowing that she was in the center of the storm, the eye of the hurricane. Travel became harder and harder as the storm got worse and worse. After a long, hard and cold walk, a black clearing was spotted. It flashed with lightning and boomed with thunder. Fear sliced through his belly.

    “Hello?” He called.

    Raina was shaking. She had heard the voice and felt a moving object disturbing her rain. No one should have been able to make it this far into her woods. Either they are the one’s that were supposed to save her, or they were the ones that made her into a monster. She decided she couldn’t get her hopes up, it would just make this endless storm worse.

    “Raina Storm? I’m James.” He called, worried.

    She heard him.

    She climbed into her lookout and searched the forest floor. There! She spotted the lean, blonde haired boy.

    Hmph, I didn’t think the lab would send a child to come and kill me!

    That’s insulting.

    Raina dropped down from her post and landed in front of him, her storm quieting the slightest bit to give her more strength for a fight.

    “I had hoped for something a little tougher. Their more fun to play with.” She sneered, but only she knew there was no fire behind it. She flung a string of water at him, which was actually as strong as rope. He dodged, and Raina could hear his heartbeat it was so loud. She sent another spirt, which caught his arm. She closed her eyes, willing the water to judo flip him. It oblidged. She bent down over him. He never stood a chance against her, and James knew that now. He was at the mercy of his enemy.

    “You’re not even from the Lab, are you?” She asked him, confused.

    “No.” James hissed. It was all he could muster after getting the breath knocked out of him.

    “Hmph, Pity. I had hoped to teach them a lesson by killing their first agent that came after me,” She told him with fake disappointment, but it sounded convincing. “You’ll have to do.” She spat.

    “Please don’t kill me.” James whimpered, and Raina wondered if he was crying or if it was just the rain. Raina bent down and whispered in his ear.

    “Promise me you will not tell a living thing about this. Not your dog, your cat or even a random plant,” James didn’t actually have a dog or a cat, but he stayed silent. “They can pass secrets as good as humans,” She justified her criteria. “that I was here. Tell them you found nothing in these woods.”

    “I.... I won’t tell a living thing that you were here.” James croaked.

    “You promise?”

    “I..... I Promise.” A light slowly filled the forest, dimly but definitely there. The clouds disapeared, and Raina Storm stood up, excitement dancing in her eyes. It was sunlight.

    James sat up, still eyeing her warily, but her attention was anywhere but him. The light flickered onto her hair, and it slowly turned brown. Raina looked at him, happiness in her eyes.
    “Thank you, James, for setting me free.” And with that, she ran off. James stared after her. He looked towards his house, back towards the place she disappeared and started running. She wasn’t going home, neither was he.

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    Eye of The Hurricane Empty Re: Eye of The Hurricane

    Post by Skyleaf on Thu Oct 10, 2013 5:45 pm

    Sounds great!!




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    Eye of The Hurricane Empty Re: Eye of The Hurricane

    Post by Mistystar on Thu Oct 10, 2013 5:58 pm


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