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    Post by Mistystar on Sun Nov 10, 2013 4:18 pm

    She had a dream

    To fly without wings

    over the jump

    As easy as the bird sings

    She was where she belonged

    but just like a song

    It could not be prolonged

    And all to soon

    She was gone

    Her light was fragile

    And her flame went out

    The darkness claimed her

    And concealed her from view

    But she savored life

    Will you?

    I know, not a good poem. I'm not a poet. But this is written in tribute to an equestrian, an inspiration and an overall great person. Her name was Lacey Jamieson. This is really late, but it is necessary. Lacey was a great horse person. Legendary and famous to the equestrian world. She jumped her horse, Forest, her friends horse Gemini and a horse she leased, Bonkers. She jumped amazing heights and always had an amazing attitude. She never got tired of jumping. She taught her horses to rear and lots of other tricks that they would do only on command. Look her up, you will find lots of amazing images showing her bond with her horses.

    A few weeks before The beginning of October, Lacey became sick. She went to the doctor and was diagnosed with Mono. She was on medications for a while. She became slowly healthy again and on October 10 she went back to school. On the 11, she came home feeling sick. She was sick all of Saturday, her parents all the while hoping it was just a minor illness. At about 4AM on the 13 she went to the hospital. First they thought her mono had return, but the illness kept getting worse. Then they suspected cancer, but tests showed negative. By the time they considered the rare blood disease of HLH, she was gone. She died shortly after 6:00 PM on Sunday October 13.

    How do I know about her? She was famous on instagram, a social network where you can share pictures or videos about anything. Her account, @laceyjamieson, had over 48k followers when she died. She reach 50k just hours after her death, and the number has grown as her story was shared more and more. She now has over 78,000 followers. Her friends and family were heartbroken. A tragic love story also seemed to exist with her. Her friends say that her and a certain boy were always together but were never officially dating. They say they were almost positive the two of them would get married someday- until she died.

    Go to

    To see pictures and hear her story. This is made by her friends.

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